I am often asked by recruiters, peers, and friends what my ideal employer would look like. I thought about it a bit and thought I might as well share my criteria since I’m always looking out for it:

  • An entrepreneur culture
  • Growth-oriented – status quo is not satisfying.  There needs to be hunger to grow and scale
  • A customer-first focus – delivering value to customers in their journey with the belief the more successful the customer is, the more successful the company will be 
  • A team focus  – desiring high functioning teams, not rockstars (other than me 🙂  ).  Win as a team
  • Agile and lean methodologies
  • Early-stage to SMB –  under 83 employees
  • ‘Community Aware’ – appreciative of people giving back and flex time to accommodate occasional community activities.  For example, I would like to pursue VB EMS which would mean an occasional late morning arrival.
  • Non-age biased – I’m only old physically – In 2019 I’m doing projects with public/private cloud,  voice apps, IoT, Video processing, and Machine learning.  Not Cobol.
  • A home for an extrovert. I enjoy presenting, evangelizing, and hosting events. 
  • Learning opportunities  – I’m a voracious consumer of ebooks, white-papers, webinars, and certification/class time
  • non-DOD. Been there, done that, moves way too slow.  Unless your DOD project is modern and leading technology it’s probably not a good fit for me culturally.

While I do not possess any clearances currently, due to my community service with VB CERT, VB PD, Project Lifesaver, and VB EMS, I have been fingerprinted and background checked numerous times in the last 18 months (they aren’t allowed to share) so background checks are not an issue and I have stellar references available.

Of course, I would prefer to stay in Hampton Roads but south of the snow-line is getting more and more appealing.