Earlier this year I restarted a consulting company,  H3 Systems, LLC.  While I am working on exciting projects such as voice applications,  I am also still open for a regular full-time gig for the right culture, opportunity, and challenge.   I thought I would look at opportunities on job sites such as Indeed.com, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc.

I made a rookie mistake though and I share this to help you avoid the same!

  1. I had no idea insurance companies were so challenged to find salesmen.  I get at least a dozen emails a week telling me how amazed they are with my resume and offering to enroll me in their next class to learn how to sell insurance. Totally unsolicited spam. I have never searched for anything remotely related to selling insurance that I am aware of.   Terrible targeted marketing and this is from the big carriers too whom should have marketing departments that know better.

  2. I failed to account for is the insane number of spammers who troll these boards and then send me totally unsolicited links of “opportunities”. Literally dozens of spams a day of these.  I did not sign up for any of these,  and while they have unsubscribe links, it is apparent they are mostly just being churned out in mass quantity.  I’m sure they have way more domains and ‘from’ emails to use than I have the patience for building into a filter.   I’m pretty sure using the unsubscribe link would simply be validating my email address and result in more spam.

The take-away pro tip here?   If you are going to use any job boards,  set up a throw-away GMAIL email box that has at least sounds professional and use that for your job boards.  Prepare for the deluge.