There are two types of individuals in technology:  those that are comfortable and those that are challenged by it every day.   Since discovering technology as a high schooler,  I’m constantly challenged and always excited to continue to learn.  In this industry sitting on your laurels puts you behind very quickly.

In 2019 I added certifications in technology for Star2Star VOIP systems and numerous for Connectwise TSP software.  Moving forward on some AWS ones but I’m not there yet.


Of course, everything I ever learned is from StackOverflow. 🙂   However, there are other sources of continuing ed where I have active accounts and try to average at least a 1 or 2-hour course a week.

Online Communities

Sometimes nothing is better than talking with peers and getting some relatively quick feedback.   I can be found in the following Slack communities:
  • 757Dev
  • CodeForAmerica
  • CodeForHampton Roads
  • RevolutionConf
  • Alexa Developers