Every opportunity is experience and my history spans numerous opportunities, from startups to enterprise, across a number of industries.  Some opportunities were very successful and some ended up as learning opportunities.  Every one was a chance to meet amazing individuals. 

In 2019 I’ve decided to take another shot at a startup by founding H3 Systems, LLC.  I’m offering my experience to smaller companies on a part-time basis (don’t hire full-time IT Management if you don’t need it)  as well as doing IOT and other cloud development along with voice applications.   Pretty exciting and current stuff!

Below is the list of companies I’ve founded or worked at and the company outcomes.

  • H3 Systems, LLC  – Consulting, Voice apps, IOT apps. Founder and Principal    (2019)
  • KBH Business Management Systems – SaaS CRM with mobile. .  V.P. Of Technology.  Sold
  • H3 Informatix – Funding Software. Founding Partner and front-end developer.  Sold
  • Trizetto Corporation/Cognizant Corporation – Technical Director Encounter Data Manager
  • Medical Data Express -. Senior Technical Manager – Sold
  • AKA Systems – Founder and Consultant –  Closed to start H3 Informatix
  • Americaid Corporation – Director of Information Technology – IPO
  • Anthem Blue Cross of Virginia – Manager,  IT.
  • Priority Health Care – Manager, IT.  Sold
  • Metro Information Services – Consultant
  • Satellite Computing Inc (round 2) – Product Application Manager –  Learning Opportunity
  • Planning Research Corporation – Development Team Leader 
  • Advanced Technology Incorporated/Emhart ATI – Application Developer 
  • Nedrad Corporation = Systems Director – Learning Opportunity
  • Satellite Computer Inc – Systems Developer (1983)