Business Social Responsibility- where emotional needs of being human clash with the economic realities of business. Some companies formalize Social Responsibility (SR) into a policy akin to a mission statement and some approach it via establishing a framework for group volunteering.

I think if a company is truly interested in SR and improving our world, SR needs to be a differentiator in the HR process as well.  I’m being selfish here thinking that my wide experience of working with volunteers and coordinating events across multiple organizations somehow makes me a better team player and project person and adds value to my resume. It appears, however, this belief is as unfounded as a Hallmark movie and that, in the end, the type of person someone isn’t really of value in business.

I wanted to believe the business community appreciated SR, but I guess not and is probably an important lesson for me.  I don’t do it for rewards and I certainly get thanked by groups I help, but I also don’t think it is asking too much for the world to be at least a little appreciative of the folks to do this. Maybe just a little good Karma?  Maybe this is the worlds way of teaching me to not be so interested in helping and to choose to do other things.  The world just seems so self-centered/internally focused any more.

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