I recently read and pondered my way through Zack Miller’s  recently published book , “Anomaly”. It’s an great read if you are in business and something I’ve been doing bits and pieces of without knowing it. Back in the 90’s, when I knew there was a regular board meeting at my employer’s office, I would leave chocolates in the reception area for the board members. I would write their name on my business card which I placed under the piece of candy. Out of all the employees in the office, they knew my name.

Maybe Zack covers it and I just glazed over it, but I believe disjointment can also be an strategy for being an anomaly. Creating a situation which leads individuals to form opinions in one direction but acting contradictory makes it a challenge to mentally reconcile this and therefore I think the action makes you memorable.  People have been using personal appearances for accomplishing this for a while.  Don’t act they way you are expected to based on your appearence.

What made me think of this was recovery I am doing from MOHS surgery on my nose. After my last appointment I was told to start using Cocoa Butter to help the scar heal and fade. Being the typical male, I slathered a healthy glob (thats a unit of measure, right?) on my nose and then decided to clean the overlord litter boxes.  I realized as I was doing this my sense of vision was making it was saying “cleaning kitty litter”, but my sense of smell was screaming delicious chocolatey dessert.   Kitty litter that was yummy? I had a brain short and had to go read up on this magical cocao butter.!

In a world full of kitty litter pan processes be the Cocoa Butter.  Stand out and make someone’s boring chore be delightful at the same

If you want to get your own copy of Anomaly, and you should, go to https://zackmillersays.com/anomaly

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