My journey with technology started in the mid-’70s with stage-crew and two 300 baud teleprinters that were connected to a nearby University. The computer terminals were love at first sight and I started learning Basic and Fortran IV. It’s been a great career ever since.

Over the years I have worked in both B2B and B2C companies in a number of vertical markets.  I’ve delivered solutions on both sides of the fence: as a B2B/B2C vendor and as a consumer organization.  There are different techniques and approaches that have to be deployed based on which side of the fence you are on and many individuals miss that when looking at solution delivery.  Delivering a report with bad formatting is a much different experience and response for an in-house developer vs being the developer at a vendor who just released an update with that bad report in it. 

I have worn a lot of hats over the years: technical operations,  technical development,  application developer,  DBA, all levels of team leadership,  and customer facing.  

  • On-premises software – ERP and medical software used by Fortune 500 companies
  • SaaS software – private and public cloud solutions ( ERP, voice, video, machine learning) 
  • Mobile applications  – standalone and in conjunction with SaaS (ERP)
  • Heath Care software – Managed care claims processing (HMO/PPO/FFS) and Medicaid/Medicare encounters
  • DoD software – a unique world,  DoD software used by the Navy

Gathering this list of my history and categorizing it has been both a joy and sorry. Reflecting back over the companies that have come and gone. They were all “the next greatest” and the “hottest thing” at one point in history.

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I have some resume’s available for download as well.

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