2019 saw me establish my new consulting startup ( https://www.h3llc.us)and as part of that, I decided it was time to update my personal inventory. I put together lists of computer hardware I’ve used, programming languages I’ve created solutions in, databases I’ve used and more.

The happy part is that wow! what a breadth of experience over my career and the people that I met along the way were even more valuable.

The sad part? Technology moves so fast and fortunes ebb and flow that many of these computers, products, and languages, are relegated mostly to the “computer history” pages. Oh, there are probably still Pascal programs around, COBOL is still widely deployed amazingly, but what about DEC PDP 11’s? or DEC Vax’s? HP’s Image/3000 db was lightning fast for its day. I’m not longing or the days of yesteryear for sure. I’ll take Node.JS or Python and Microsoft’s Visual code over VI and C but all that history sure represents a lot of sleepless nights and time no longer of much value.