I love learning and exploring  the constantly changing tech landscape.  The list of whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, and online courses I’ve taken totally bore the people I keep sharing them with!   As much fun as learning is, applying that knowledge is even more satisfying.  A number of projects I am currently engaged on are under NDAs, but in general, here are some recent project areas.  It’s been a busy year so far!

  • Alexa skills and voice applications including audio post production and podcasting
  • AWS – Many different services including S3, IAM/SSL/Security, Video, IoT, Lambda, API Gateway, and many more
  • ERP projects including AS400’s and Sage
  • Startup mentoring with numerous startups
  • Sales strategies
  • Customer Success strategies and CS operations focused on delivering value
  • POS projects including  consignment applications
  • Programming projects in Java, Javascript, Node, Python,  PHP, and React.   Bash and Powershell for scripting.
  • Call/Contact center,  multi-branch communications including Star2Star certifications
  • Business strategies including services catalog development and planning for launching a Managed Services Provider
  • Realtime video capture and processing including machine recognition, both centralized and edge computing
  • Logistics – UPS and Fedex integrations
  • WordPress – admin and customizations
  • Tier-1 support – setups, AD admin,   RDS admin

Of course, I’m probably most proud  of all the community service I’ve been able to provide to  the various organizations I support with my time this year.   Please see the community service tab since its a big part of who I am.