I have delivered successful on-premises and SaaS solutions in a  wide range of industries: B2B and B2C, TSPs and MSPs (yes, your IT company uses me!), health care claims and encounters, property management, and the list goes on. You can see the complete list here


Product Hero

I successfully deliver thick-client, SaaS, web, and Android/IOS applications to market. I have delivered ERP systems used by RCA, health care software used by the largest insurers, and SaaS CRM's to hundreds of customers.  My roles span the entire SDLC   Click here for more details about software products 



 I have worn all the typical technology hats in a company: Front-end and back-end developer, director, and CTO.  I've also been a DBA, and lead DevOPS.  I have  worn the customer champion hat: liaison,  support, product owner, and customer support manager.  Breadth of experience may be an under-statement: You can review my roles here. 



My parents were my role models for giving back and I'm proud to continue that legacy.  WHRO,  CERT, Project Lifesaver, and REACH are just a few.  See my community service involvement here.


Engage Alan

Alan can be engaged as one of the following:

  • a full-time employee for growth-oriented companies - let's talk about goals and fit before dollars!
  • virtual CIO - benefit from my experience without the full-time cost
  • contract employee - Technical and Managed Services Providers (TSPs and MSPs) contract me to augment their staff.  I'm who the IT experts come to!

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You can download your own copy of my revised 2019 resume

About Alan

My journey with technology started in the mid-'70s with stage-crew and two 300 baud teleprinters that were connected to a nearby University. The computer terminals were love at first sight and I started learning Basic and Fortran IV. It's been a great career ever since.

Over the years I have worked in both B2B and B2C companies in a number of vertical markets.